-10% Airpodding Pro 3 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earphone

Airpodding Pro 3 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earphone

Airpodding Pro 3 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earphone

1. 1:1 size (without any logo or text on charging case).

2. Pop up window for IOS(Need to take out the headphones).

3. Binaural call left and right headphones can be used separately.

4. Auto pair / automatic connection.

5. No LED light when using.

6. Multi-function touch control button.

7. HiFi stereo and bass sound.

8. Support previous track/ next track.

9. Support turn up volume/turn down volume.

10. Support Siri activation.

11.Perfectly compatible with IOS and Android system

The newest pop-up function will only work when connecting with IOS 13.2 or above, please make sure that you have updated your IOS system.


Bluetooth headset with outstanding sound quality. Equipped with a high fidelity Bluetooth headset and speaker with excellent surround bass to send you a better listening experience with clear, vivid, and good effects. A primer model that can easily and wirelessly enjoy the sound quality. Every scene ever used in the world has the sound quality of more than 70 years of history, enjoying a rich, beneficial, and deep bass. The battery pack is located in the earphone line, and the smart shell design can be easily retracted in the ear. The battery set is cleverly made and simple in design and can be used in any fashion or occasion. Choose according to your fashion and the color of the scene you like. Bluetooth headphone cable adopts a flat power cord, which is not easy to wrap into a circle.It has excellent durability, so it is used for a long time, but do not worry about broken models. The cable has microphone 1 key line control, volume control, song operation, and no need to raise the call. Instead of pulling a smartphone out of your bag, you can control a simple operation with your neck cord, even while moving or working. Open Bluetooth headsets are easy to install and ergonomically designed to allow you to enjoy music comfortably while listening for a long time without causing your ears to ache.

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Airpodding Pro 3 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earphone
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