-3% APC Smart Ups 1500va

APC 1500va Smart Ups

Front -Access Servicing: Simplifies installation and UPS Maintenance while minimizing space requirements.

  1. USB Connectivity: Provides management of the UPS via USB ports.
  2. Power conditioning: Protects connected loads from spikes, surges, Lighting and other power disturbances
  3. Automatic Restart of loads after UPS short down: Automatically starts up the connected equipment after upon the return of utility power
  4. Disconnected battery Notification: warns when a battery is not available to provide back up power
  5. Intelligent battery management: Maximizes battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent precision charging
  6. Output Power capacity:980 watts/1.5kva
  7. Nominal Output Voltage:230v
  8. Output Voltage Note: Configurable for 220:230 or 240 nominal output voltage
  9. Output Voltage Distortion: Less than 5 percent at full load
  10. Topology: Line Interactive
  11. Wave Type: Sinewave
  12. Typical Recharge Time: Three hours
Colour Black
Output power capacity 980 watts/1.5kva
Brand APC
Weight 2.0 kg
Output Voltage 120 V

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APC Smart Ups 1500va
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