-22% Blue Gate 2KVA Stabilizer-2000VA

BlueGate Stabilizer 2KVA

The 2kva Stabilizer is a standard stabilizer that can keep your light for a long time. is where the mains supply is rectified to a clean DC voltage and rebuilt into a very clean and regulated AC voltage, at all times your critical load runs from this clean no break supply. Line-Interactive and Off-Line UPS’s are single conversion, put in its crudest form your computer runs on semi regulated mains and will always suffer a small break in supply whilst the UPS moves from mains mode to battery mode in a mains fail situation.


  • Voltage :2000VA
  • Input And Output Display
  • Low Output Voltage Protection
  • High Output Voltage Protection
  • High Temperature Protection

Brand Blue Gate

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Blue Gate 2KVA Stabilizer-2000VA
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