-3% 2 - 4Days LG 437 Litres DUAL Fridge With Inverter Compressor 432 HLHU-H

LG 437 Litres DUAL Fridge With Inverter Compressor 432 HLHU-H

With the new LG 437L Refrigerator REF 432 HLHU-H, you can now enjoy  uniform cooling anytime anywhere. With the linear cooling, the temperature gap between the different portions of the refrigerator is significantly reduced; thus, uniform cooling all across the refrigerator. Not just this, Linear Cooling feature  helps retain freshness in food for up to 14 days.

Enjoy even more Door Cooling 35%^ faster cooling. LG Door Cooling makes inside temperature more even and cools the refrigerator 35%^ faster than the conventional cooling system. This reduces the temperature gap between the inner part and the door side of the compartment; thus letting the food remain fresh for long.

Do you love a refrigerator with a warm and alluring Interior Lighting ? The LG 437L Refrigerator REF 432 HLHU-H interior lighting provides greater visibility. Freezer dome light distributes light evenly in the freezer compartment.  The triple ice tray ensures cubed ice is readily available and conveniently stored.The doors on the refrigerator can easily be reversed to suit the design of your kitchen.

Auto Smart Connect is a technology that helps connect your refrigerator to home inverter. Once the refrigerator is connected to the home inverter, every time the power goes off it automatically takes inverter power to run the refrigerator without any manual supervision. Consumes power less than 2 CFL~ bulbs during power cut.

The refrigerator also comes with 10years warranty on linear composer. This is an attempt by Lg manufacturers to keep the mind of customers at rest and ensure a reliable and efficient delivery of customer satisfaction.

The LG 437L Refrigerator REF 432 HLHU-H features :

432 L,

In built handles,

Linear Cooling

Inverter Linear Compressor

Door Cooling

LED lamp inside,

Dual Fridge

R600 Gas ,


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LG 437 Litres DUAL Fridge With Inverter Compressor 432 HLHU-H
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