-32% Wind Hand Sanitizer

Wind Hand Sanitizer 


71% alcohol-based hand rub

Effective to kill germs and viruses

Friendly on your skin due to its moisturizing ingredients.

Not watery

500ml which is sizable for personal and family use.

Product details

Wind Hand Sanitizer gives you the assurance of an all-day germ-free, clean and fresh skin. Use repeatedly on the go to kill germs. Protect yourself from disease-causing germs. Wind Sanitizer contains over 70% alcohol, which makes it super effective for killing many known disease-causing germs. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are strongly recommended and Wind Hand Sanitizer has met over 65% required alcohol content, making it your best option in the market.

The direction of use: Put enough quantity on your palms and rub gentle till dry.

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Wind Hand Sanitizer
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