-11% ZTE MF927U 4G LTE MTN Mobile Wi-Fi Router Hotspot up to 32 User

ZTE MF927U 4G LTE MTN Mobile Wi-Fi Router Hotspot 

ZTE Mobile Wi-Fi Model MF927U  is a 4G LTE pocket-size mobile internet hotspot Router that enables you to securely connect up to 32 Wifi devices at once.
Moreover, it is compact, durable, and very easy to use. 
ZTE MF927U  Works with mobile and 4G only networks such as Ntel 4G, Smile 4G, Airtel 4G, Airtel 3G, MTN 4G, MTN 3G, 9Mobile 4G, 9Mobile 3G, Glo 3G, etc.
However it DOES NOT work with Spectranet and Swift networks. 
Glo 4G sim card works well as 3G Network on it. You won't notice any significant difference with the 3G network.
LTE Cat4 high-speed download 
Working time up to 8 hours

Connect up to 32 Wi-Fi devices
Getting to Know Your Device
Indicator                                 Status                                       Description
Battery                      Red solid/ blinking                   The battery is low. Please change the battery                                     Green blinking                     The battery is being charged                                     Green solid                                  The battery level is middle or high              Light off                                  Your device is powered off and not being charged
Wi-Fi                 Blue solid                                    Wi-Fi is active                                    Blue blinking                               WPS is active Light off           Wi-Fi is off
SMS                Blue solid                                     You have unread messages.                               Blue blinking                 You have new messages or the message storage is full       Light off                                 

There is no unread message or new messages             Red      The device is in error status                                   

   -  The device is not registered to the mobile network                                                                             

  -  There is no micro-SIM card inserted                                                         

-  There is no network service available

Network   Green solid                         

The device is registered to the 3G/4G mobile network.             

Green blinking 

 The device is connected to the 2G/4G mobile network and data is being transferred.                             

Blue solid   The device is registered to the 4G LTE network.                                         

Blue solid   The device is connected to the 4G LTE network and data is being transferred.
The device uses your micro-SIM card to access the internet. it allows multiple clients to surf on the internet at  the same time Connecting to your Device
     Power on your device
        Ensure that your computer or other client devices have enabled Wi-Fi, and search for available wireless networks
       Select the Wi-Fi name {ssid} of your device, and click Connect
        Enter the Wi-Fi password if necessary, and click OK 
        wait until the client device is connected to your device successfully
Get the new ZTE MF927Uwith LCD screen display today, and you will be very happy with your purchase.                        

Brand MTN Mobile

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ZTE MF927U 4G LTE MTN Mobile Wi-Fi Router Hotspot up to 32 User
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